Paper rock scissors game Installation Instructions

Download the zip file with all the files in it from the location you are given when you ordered it.

Unzip the file to your harddrive.

Open the file prs.cgi

# This changes the Back Ground Colour (color)
Change 99DDFF to the hexadecimal number of the back ground colour you want.

# This changes the text Colour (color)
Change FF0000 to the hexadecimal number of the text colour you want.

# This changes the maximum number it can go to
Change 100 to the number you want them to guess up to

# Place your banner code for the top of each page here
Change YOUR BANNER HERE to the html code for your banners to be shown at the top of the page. You may also place text links here aswell if you want to.

# This changes the title writing at the top of the page paper, rock, scissors

# This is where you put your homepage url
Put the html code you want for the link to your homepage

# Enter your site's name here

# Enter the welcome message you want them to see when selecting there counter
Welcome to paper, rock, scissors Game

#Enter the url to your images directory

#Only change this if you changed the name of the game file to something else

Save the file after you have made these changes

Upload prs.cgi to your cgi-bin and CHMOD it 755

And last, make a link on your site to prs.cgi to let people play the game.

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