now sells perl scripts

Before I knew how to program I had LOTS of websites. I loved building them up, getting new visitors and receiving e-mails from people saying that they like my site. But I wanted to make it more interactive, instead of just static pages. Thats why I learnt perl. I soon had a simple game running online that had over 6000 players and they loved it. That's when I decided that I wanted to help other sites have games on their sites too, without having to spend years learning to program like I had done.

Thats when started. I'd do ALL the programming and host the game for sites in return for my banners being shown to pay for the bandwidth. But I knew that some people would want their own banners on the game and on their own server. So are also selling scripts now, we hope to have new scripts coming out every few months so that ANYONE can now have interactive games on there site as long as they are go a unix server and not windows. For cheap unix hosting check out


Game 1
Guess the number game

Game 2
Blackjack game

Game 3
Noughts and Crosses / Tic Tac Toe game

Game 4
Paper rock scissors game

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